Experimental Form and Color Creation

Joachim Hiller

The paintings of Joachim Hiller draw us into a whirlpool of forms and colors. When we study the works in their entirety, far more than simple geometry takes shape. Topographical structures, layered elements of nature, light and materiality. All are captured on the canvas. The work shown on the right is a composition reminiscent of a mountain range. The one on the left with its clustered, repetitive structures looks like a geometric relief from a distance.

Hiller asserts that he does not depict nature, but rather “paints like nature”. His works are inspired by organic processes and sprout from superimposition. Intensive experimentation with color and light culminates in a varied opus where precise constructions are revealed among flowing gradients. His works appear completely modern in their formal language and at the same time up to date in relation to discussions about the possibilities of painting today; his subject matter, however, the non-representational but structural depiction of natural processes, is of timeless topicality. It is precisely our relationship to nature as the basis of our lives that requires not only political, economic-ecological and philosophical examination, but also an artistic exploration.

For further information on the work of Joachim Hiller, please contact us at moc.s1719021153siaha1719021153lliv@1719021153ofni1719021153. Further works by Hiller can also be seen in our permanent exhibition. We look forward to your visit.

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