Villa Haiss

Museum and Gallery for Contemporary Art

Villa Haiss is a conduit for the international art market and collectors while making an important contribution to the cultural landscape of the region.

Since its inception Villa Haiss has showcased emerging as well as established artists and makes art in all its mediums and perspectives accessible for visitors and collectors alike.

A heterogeneous and captivating structure is central to the program. The permanent exhibition features internationally renowned works with a focus on painting, sculpture and photography from 1945 onward. The rotating exhibitions in the Cabinet and the Beletage aim to reach out and communicate with the permanent exhibition. Visitors are offered a multifaceted view of the art from past decades and at the same time can engage with contemporary subject matter.

Temporary exhibitions take place in tandem with gallery activities, usually in direct exchange with the artists or their estates. This allows the museum and gallery aspects of Villa Haiss to gather under one roof in organic and exceptional combinations.

Villa Haiss is also a proud part of the Obere Fabrik (Upper Factory) cultural area, both as a contemporary art institution and as a historical building. You can find more about about the Upper Factory at

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