Max Ackermann / Arman /Stephan Balkenhol / Joseph Beuys / Normunds Brasliņš / Lluís Cera / Michael Danner / Edward Dwurnik / Armin Göhringer / K.O. Götz / Paul Jenkins / He Jinwei / Tadashi Kawamata / Valery Koshlyakov / Heinz Mack / Jean Miotte / A.R. Penck / Otto Piene / Lothar Quinte / Mel Ramos / Thomas Ruff / Cindy Sherman / K.R.H. Sonderborg / Fred Thieler / Bernar Venet

In June 2024 open on the following days and by request for groups of 6 persons or more.

Sun, 16.06.
Sun, 23.06.
Sun, 30.06.
2–6 p.m.


Villa Haiss has dedicated itself to featuring a diverse and comprehensive cross-section of contemporary art since 1997. Located in Zell am Hamersbach in the idyllic Black Forest between Basel, Strasbourg and Stuttgart, the 800 square meters of exhibition space is hosted by a 19th century landmarked building. This space creates a unique stage for emerging and established artists of different generations and backgrounds to interact and collaborate with one another.


Portraits in Flux
L. M. Wintersberger

until 30 Jun 2024

Perspectives of the Everyday
Ymer Shaqiri

until 30 Jun 2024
Permanent Exhibition

International Art after ’45

From 2 Sep 2022

Sculpture Park and Zell Art Trail

From 2 Sep 2022