Sculpture Park and Zell Art Trail

From 2 Sep 2022
From round kiln to Villa Haiss

Opening: 02 Sep 2022, 7:00 p.m.

Sculptures and surrounding park landscapes lend visitors the opportunity to engage with art in the open air. The Obere Fabrik offers the works an apt presentation space between a round kiln where ceramics were once fired and Villa Haiss.

The newly created art trail along the historic wall showcases works by contemporary artists, including Jörg Bach, Michael Danner, Bruno Feger, Reinhard Klessinger and Reinhard Sigle. The exhibition, organized by the Förderverein Zeller Kunstwege e.V., is a new addition to the Zeller Art Trail, in which sculptures are placed around Zell am Harmersbach.

This Kunstweg is accompanied by the sculpture park opposite Villa Haiss, where an original part of the Berlin Wall can be seen. The five consecutive segments originally from Berlin Treptow were acquired in 1999 and placed at Villa Haiss as a memorial on the 10th anniversary of the fall of the Wall. 

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